Kate Bosworth's Sector Heterochromia In Her Right Eye

Those are Kate Bosworth's eyes. She has sectoral heterochromia which is the splotch of discolor in her eye. I have the same thing. My eyes are blue except for the lower right quarter of my right eye which has a big splotch of light brown.

Mine changed size during puberty. When I was younger it was more of a sliver, but as I went through puberty it expanded to the size it is now. I was a little disconcerted by the change and went to an eye doctor. They freaked out as they thought there may be cancer in my eye as inside the sectoral heterochromia was several black dots.

I had tests done at Parramatta over a couple of weeks and the eye doctor was happy that it was no cancer and that it was benign and wouldn't grow anymore. It was a little disquieting to think I might lose an eye to cancer.

I only know about Kate Bosworth because a co-worker saw my eyes and commented, "You have eyes like Kate Bosworth!"
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