2012 Federal and State Elections for Senate and House

United States Senator

The candidates for Senator are the Republican Jeff Flake, Democrat Richard Carmona and Libertarian Marc Victor. This is the seat that has been vacated by Republican John Kyl retiring. Jeff Flake is a congressman in Arizona.

Flake got the seat after the prior congressman voluntarily term limited himself after three terms. Flake promised to do the same but changed his mind at the end of his third term and decided to run for a fourth. Given some of his positions during his time in congress he actually seems to be one of the more reasonable Republicans.

Richard Carmona served in the Bush Administration as the Surgeon General, however, he was disillusioned by the Bush Administration's deference to politics over science. Carmona had been asked by Republicans to run for a congressional district but declined. He is running as a Democrat for the Senate seat.

Marc Victor is a Libertarian candidate for Senate. Arizona has a strong libertarian community. Victor appears to be on the strong end of Libertarian freedom values. Seeing the existence of income tax as an issue, however the isolationist foreign policy and anti drug war policies are sensible and note worthy. Victor's policies on immigration are also interesting.

In conclusion I am probably going to vote a straight Democratic ticket as I believe the current Republicans are unfit to govern. Flake doesn't seem that bad, and in a less confrontational political environment I might entertain him closer.

Congressional District 9

The candidates are Republican Vernon Parker, Democrat Kristen Sinema and Libertarian Powell Gammill. Parker is a councilman in Paradise Valley. There is not much information on Parker however the issues page on his website are boiler plate Republican policies of which I disagree with nearly all of them. Sinema has served in the Arizona House and Senate. She has been an advocate for women's issues. The issues on her website are more personal to Arizona than Parker's which are national Republican issues. Powell Gammill's website looks to be a frontpage creation. He probably needs a slicker presentation.

State Senator District 24

The candidates are Republican Augustine Bartning and Democrat Katie Hobbs. There is not much on the internet about Bartning. He appears to be a young guy and the issues on his webpage are more progressive than the national republicans. Hobbs is a one term state representative trying to move to the state Senate. Her issues page says, "The extremist politics that have taken over Arizona our hurting our state. Katie Hobbs is focused on continuing her fight against the Tea Party and Governor Brewer's horrible policies." I am no fan of Tea Party policies, whether Bartning will vote for along party lines or with a Tea Party faction is hard to determine. Russell Pearce who pushed much of the Tea Party state agenda has been voted out through a recall election. Either way, it is safer voting for Hobbs in this instance.

State Representative District 24

There are candidates for the Republican, Democratic and Green parties for the house in this district. Which is great. The ballot also requires voting for two candidates as each district has two members. They appear to be first two past the post.

When you get to the state levels some candidates do not even have a wiki page. Republican, Brian Kaufman, does not. From his web page he appears to be a young guy with the standard state level Republican issue list. The Democrats have two candidates, Lela Alston who is a former Senator and Chad Campbell who is the current minority whip. Campbell's official page has gone walkabout and is pointing to a default godaddy page, but Alston's points to a liberal on the green side of things. The Green candidate is Gerard Davis who's official website is a wordpress site. A good choice I thought. The two Democrats will be getting my vote here. The Republicans have majorities in the upper and lower house in Arizona. Since I think Democratic policies are better than Republican ones in the state, they are my preferred choice.
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