The Daily Show's Fireside Chat With Obama

It is election night in America and as someone who is politically interested I am keeping an eye on the results and percentage returns. Since there is not much happening early in the evening I decided to watch what the Daily Show was up to. They had an interview with Barack Obama, but I could not get through it. Obama is no Bill Clinton or Bob Hawke. Obama sounded like he was rattling off lines to each question after an initial parry whereas Clinton and Hawke would make their positions within the flow of what sounded like a chat between friends.

I was actually surprised at the strength of my reaction to it. I was turned off and if I hadn't already voted and made up my mind, it would probably have made me go and look at Romney again. I am certain though after a quick research of Romney's positions I would quickly change my mind back. It is instructive. Then again the Clintons and Hawkes of the world are rare. Australia has only produced one in over one hundred and fifty years of democracy and I am not certain America will ever top Bill Clinton for his natural and instinctive political ability.
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