Kaku on Type 0 and Type 1 Cultures

I was recently reading a sci-fi book where the alien protagonists home base was a Dyson Shield. This comes from the Kardashev Scale. Under this scale a Type 0 civilization is one that extracts energy from crude organic sources. That is humanity now. Type 1 harnesses the energy in a planet, while Type 2 harnesses all the energy in a star and Type 3 all the energy in a galaxy.

The video above by Dr. Michio Kaku talks about humanity currently being in a transition between Type 0 and Type 1. A significant milestone for a Type 1 civilization is that its culture, politics and economy have to become global. Kaku sees elements of Type 1 in humanity. The internet he calls a Type 1 phone system. Similarly with rock and roll as global culture. He also argues that he sees Type 0 mentality as well. He considers terrorism a Type 0 response to the Type 1 changes. Ultimately he is upbeat but thinking in terms of Type 0 and Type 1 civilizations does change how you view the modern world and the under currents in it.
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