Apple Maps and Death Valley

badwater basin, death valley
Last weekend we were in Las Vegas and drove the extra couple of hours out to Death Valley. I use my phone for everything now. It is a pretty essential tool. We decided to drive down under Death Valley first, passing through Topeka. Several times we were the only people on the road and didn't have a phone signal. It is kind of scary. However twenty years ago people drove all over the world without having a phone in their pocket and somehow survived.

We also struck an Apple Maps problem. It could not find the hotel we stayed at on the Las Vegas strip. It kept sending us to the convention center instead. Fortunately the hotel we were staying at was 60-something stories high, with a huge banner on its upper floors and is in a prominent place on the strip so we could ignore Apple Maps.

We couldn't ignore it so much when we were down past Topeka. My wife still has the previous version iPhone which does not have Apple Maps and instead still uses Google Maps. Not only is it superior software, it is more accurate. A couple of times when we had a connection Apple Maps gave bung travelling advice. Not fun we you are around Death Valley.

It is not the first time either. We were up in Wickenburg recently and Apple Maps was as equally as clueless. The problem is loss of confidence. I don't trust Apple Maps anymore. Apparently it is so bad that the Australian Government is sending out warnings about Mildura. Apple makes sexy hardware but their software is pretty crappy as a rule. Maybe Apple Maps will improve but iTunes has been around a long time and it is still pretty poor software in my opinion.

The north side of Death Valley is well sign posted and there is more traffic into the national park. Which makes things safer when mapping software and phone connections are spotty. There are some beautiful natural structures despite there being a long way between things. The photo above is in Badwater Basin which is several hundred feet below sea level. Pretty cool.

Update: Almost immediately after I posted this google came out with their new iphone google maps app. Phew!
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