H1Bs and Science in America

Michio Kaku in the video makes an impassioned argument (40 min mark) for the H1B visa in this video. His argument is that science drives prosperity with the internet being the most recent example when a defense technology was given away for free. However Kaku says that science teaching in America is sub par and the secret weapon is the H1B which allows foreigners to work in America. In Kaku's case, he said 100% of the Phds working with him are foreigners on H1Bs.

This is not too disimilar to the American technology industry where large numbers of engineers, QA, release, and ops are foreigners. This is an anecdotal story but for a while at one place I worked I was the token white guy in software engineering and I was Australian. We had two Americans in our team and one had a Chinese surname while the other American had an Indian surname. A lot of the American technology industry is built off the backs of H1Bs from China and India as well.

Kaku has a strong argument. Science and its ability to force us into new forms of social organization has led humanity to its current prosperity. It chips away constantly and improves the quality of our lives constantly. I don't think the US or the world can have enough scientists or engineers.
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